Meet the Team

Whaledrop.eth - Co-founder

Long Do has been a professional Engineering Manager / CTO for over 10 years. Long has led companies from restructuring to acquisition. Currently he works for Virtually Human leading game development for Human Park, Zed Run, and new titles soon to come. On a gamer side, Long was a professional Starcraft 2 player, and Twitch streamer. Having been in over 100 competitive starcraft games, he has turned his passion into reality by making strategic and competitive video games.

Precision - Co-founder

With over 8 years, precisioN has worked with a variety of ecommerce businesses. He specializes in sales and marketing and joined the 8bitdao team where he is directing the PR and marketing department.

annie_ - Community Manager

Annie started her nft journey with Sandbox's land presales, is a core member of Neo Tokyo's decentralized VC and co-founder of a mod agency. She's given up sleep for nfts; even the devs can't do anything about this.

Zern - Security

Zern is a Cyber Security expert that is specializing in web3 and discord community security. He loves hard core survival massive multiplayer games, and occasional mmorpgs.

GVGuide "Evie" - Community manager / Partner

GVGuide is a community leader. She loves creating immersive virtual shared environments & experiences and analyzing the best and most accessible tools to build them. She also loves to create reference documents, find amazing niche interest groups, tinker with low-code webapps, make graphics and 3D art, and invests her time and energy into pursuits that help make fascinating things more accessible.

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